Kevin Hart to Host BET Awards; Most Memorable, Forgettable Hosts

Kevin Hart will be providing the laughs as the host of the 2011 BET Awards. Hart continues to be one of the leading comedians of his generation and gained popularity after the release of his comedy special “Laugh at My Pain.”
As the host, Hart will have the pressure of following in the footsteps of past hosts such as Jamie Foxx, Mo Nique, and Steve Harvey and Cedric The Entertainer.
Here are the most memorable and forgettable BET Awards hosts:
Most Memorable:
MoNique — MoNique turned in one of the most memorable BET Awards moment after breaking out Beyonces booty dance in 2007.
Jamie Foxx — Days after the death of Michael Jackson, Jamie Foxx did a delicate balancing act of being funny without disrespecting the Jacksons during his opening monologue.
Steve Harvey and Cedric The Entertainer — Perhaps the funniest comedy duo of our generation, Harvey and Cedric The Entertainer were the hosts for the inaugural awards show in 2001.
Most Forgettable:
Damon Wayans — This may have been a great choice if BET had an awards show in 1990. But Wayans stand-up timing was off, and he lost the audience early with flat jokes.
Queen Latifah — Although Queen Latifah is a great actor and musician, she failed to turn in a memorable performance as host.
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