Jill Scott on Firing Her Trainer After He Told Her She Wouldnt ‘Sell a Record

Jill Scott is an artist that truly defines strength. Overall she is a woman who truly knows who she is and most of all, in my opinion is the epitome of beauty—gorgeous on both inside and out. Scott Recently interviewed with singersroom.com and kept it real about the incident between her and her personal trainer.

I dont know if I necessarily thought about it because this is all hindsight,” Scott tells Singersroom about her past appearance. “But now that I think about it, I had gotten a trainer because I wanted to have more stamina. The trainer told me that if I didnt lose weight, I would never sell a record. Of course he was fired [Laughs]. To completely spite him I decided not to – I think I probably gained weight. I was mad! The way I saw it was, how are you going to tell me I cant? I didnt appreciate that.”

She continues, “My grandmothers favorite saying was ‘you cant hold your stomach in forever meaning you cant be what youre not forever. Eventually youre going to have to sit down and open your belt buckle. I think for me I just wanted to be myself and be in the skin I was most comfortable in because Im a little shy – just a little bit. I have terrible stage fright and I didnt want to be in clothes that were not my own. By that I just mean I didnt want to be something that Im not and pretend all day long. I dont want to live like that. If Im going to offer my gift to the world, I have to do it on my own terms and in the way that I feel the most comfortable.” Talk about living your life “Like its Golden.” Not to mention that photo is super, crazy, hot, dope! I love it!

Source RollingOut