Jill Scott – From the Vault, Vol. 1 [LP Sampler]

As mentioned way back at the very onset of Jillmania, Jill Scott‘s erstwhile label Hidden Beach has been planning all along to release this compilation album of songs she recorded for them called From The Vault, Vol. 1–presumably to capitalize on all the buzz about her Warner Bros. LP Light of the Sun. Although its hard not to have mixed feelings about competing releases and label politics, at least we can say HB was classy enough to hold back until LOTS had its chance to go #1, get Jill the cover of Billboard and launch a massive nationwide tour. And lets be honest–as hardcore Jill junkies were going to listen. If you want to feel good about it, we recommend you go over here and buy LOTS (if you havent already) so you can feel good about it and enjoy the new release openly in the light of um, day, with no guilty feelings. From the Vault, Vol. 1 drops August 30th, pre-order via the buy links in the soundcloud below.

Props to Okayplayer

Hidden Beach presents: The Original Jill Scott from the Vault Vol. 1 (Deluxe) by hiddenbeach