Jay-Z and Diddy Headline 2010’s Wealthiest Hip-Hop Stars

For many, 2010 served as a reminder that the economy has yet to awaken from its deep slumber. However, when you take a look at some of our biggest hip-hop stars, that sentiment doesnt apply. In fact, many enjoyed a banner year by diversifying their interests, and raking in boatloads of cash. As we bring this year to a close, lets take a look at hip-hop’s wealthiest stars of the past year. –djr

1. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter
$63 Million

Not only does Jay-Z have the “hottest chick in the game” but he also has the fattest wallet. Carter continues to lead to charge of hip-hop moguls.

2. Sean “Diddy” Combs
$30 million

From Ciroc to Dirty Money, this past year has indeed been busy for the ageless wonder. Next year may prove to be even bigger as Combs continues to spread his wings as an actor.

3. Aliuane “Akon” Thiam
$21 million

Akon may not be experiencing the same success with his music in the States as he has with past musical offerings, but he doesnt have to. Not when he has a successful clothing line, and superstar Lady Gaga signed to his label.

4. Dwayne “Lil Wayne” Carter
$20 million

For those who thought jail would stop Lil Waynes moneymaking potential, Ive got news for you … it didnt. His Young Money music imprint was just too strong, and it capably weathered his absence and then some.

5. Andre “Dr. Dre” Young
$17 million

Dr. Dre has kept us waiting years for another classic album. In the meantime, hes just executive produced Eminems platinum-selling Recovery album, and made a killing peddling his Beats By Dre headphones. Not bad.

Honorable Mentions

6. Christopher “Ludacris” Bridges
$16 million

7. Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Broadus
$15 million

8. Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley
$14 million

9. Pharrell Williams
$13 million

10. Kanye West

$12 million

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