Jaden Smith Isn’t Feeling His Parents’ PDA

This is hilarious but Jaden Smith is not trying to witness the birds and the bees lesson. In other words, he is not feeling his parents lovey dovey freaky antics in front of he and his sister. However, Jada and Will don’t care. In a recent interview, Jada revealed how it all goes down:

“At home, we get a bit raunchy kissing and cuddling and hell tell us to stop it.

“Willow thinks its nice, shes glad were loving each other. Jaden gets embarrassed, but I tell him, ‘Well, you are in our space, this is what we do. ”

At least the kids get to see a healthy relationship in progress so that when it’s their time to fall in love, they’ve know who to choose the right partner. —Vibe