Grind Time Now Presents: Real Deal vs Lotta Zay [Rap Battle]

The third battle from GTNY’s “Most Hated” Tournament, where 8 emcees are battling for a shot to take their music careers to the next level as a recurring act on Immortal Technique ‘s “Middle Passage Tour.” This battle features one of GTN’s greats, Real Deal, who has made a name for himself with 10 total battles. He has competed against some of the top battle emcees in the world and has bested most of the competition with a 8-3 Record. On the other side, we have Lotta Zay, who started his GTN career off with a Bang, going 4-0. After losing in a split decision rematch with John John Da Don he is back and ready to compete at a top tier level. Who will win? Watch and find out!