Grind Time Now presents: Okwerdz vs Rone #FollowTheLeader [Rap Battle]

#FollowTheLeader – GTN New York’s premier event! When you think of modern day battle classics, its all too often that you are led right back to the video that sparked the Great Coast Rivalry: Okwerdz vs Arsonal. Ever since then, Okwerdz has been on a war path, taking on some of the East Coast’s greatest battlers on in highly debatable and viewed match ups. Now he is facing a different challenge by traveling to New York City, and finds a new type of opponent in Rone – a budding star waiting for a shot at a big name. Will Rone be able to prove this worth and battle on a top level or will Okwerdz prevail on the road? Watch the 3 unlimited time round battle to find out!