Game, Rick Ross & Beanie Sigel Almost Formed Supergroup

Game reveals to that him, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel contemplated forming a group called ESPN (Everyday Stacking Paper Niggas)…

With Jay-Z and Kanye West forming The Throne and releasing their highly anticipated Watch The Throne LP, fans are buzzing on Twitter and other social networks what other supergroups could possibly form and put out an album. Game revealed to, that he and his friends, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel, were close to aligning as a trio, but it never quite took shape because of their schedules and other business interests.

“Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel [were going to call ourselves] ‘ESPN (Everyday Stacking Paper Niggas),” Game told XXL recently in New York. “Thats what it is. We entertained doing a group before, but then Rick Ross went crazy with the Maybach Music Group and he signed Meek Mill and all of them. So that reality didnt come to pass. But thats where it was when we did ‘Heavy Artillery. If you can imagine an album with us three.”

“Heavy Artillery,” is one of the cuts off of The R.E.D. Album, which finally comes out on August 23. Lil Wayne and Tyler The Creator are featured on “Martians Vs Goblins,” Big Boi and E-40 appear on “Speakers on Blast,” while Mario and Wale guest star on “All The Way Gone.” Those are just half the guests on the project.

“It might be just a crazy lineup album,” he described. “Its hard! I cant wait to see what people think about it. I spent so much time working on it. I cant wait to give birth to that joint.” —Shaheem Reid

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