DX News Exclusive: Jakk Frost Recalls Battling Canibus In 1996, Potential Duck Down Album With Freeway

Exclusive: The “Beards” may be the latest act headed to Dru Ha and Buckshot’s imprint, and Jakk and Canibus head a would-be meaningful competition in ATL 15 years ago, but who had the edge-up?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania veteran emcee Jakk Frost spoke with HipHopDX recently in the rapper’s West Philly studio. A respected pillar of the city’s Hip Hop community, the leader of the “Beards” spoke to DX about his development in the 1990s, and crossing paths with another esteemed lyricist in Atlanta: Canibus. Although Jakk was cautious to state who won, the two engaged in a competition that may still have spectators talking.

Also, Frost, who’s yet to deliver a nationally-distributed album, spoke about the strong likelihood that he and another local vet, Freeway, could be teaming up to deliver Jakk Frost and Freeway: The Beards in the Building on independent label titan, Duck Down Records.

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