DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level


Drake recently apologized for a Vanessa Bryant reference he made in “Stay Schemin”Her being Vanessa Bryant, got all pissy and took to social media to put Drizzy on blast for the passive aggressive reference. Y’all know Vanessa. Kobe’s wifey/scorned woman/I gave it some thought and I’m staying in my marriage while looking at my small city of a ring spouse. Yeah. I’m looking at my life and bills and wondering how that’s going to keep the student loans off my neck.

Kim and Kanye.

20130106-065357.jpg *crickets*……procreation…..reality show. SMH. If you’re a woman who is comfortable becoming pregnant by a man who wears a skirt and that brother ain’t Scottish or have cute legs, then go right on ahead. I will tune into that Maury show later. My best friend thinks they’re going to give birth to an actual camera. My question is will it be a Nikon or Sony digital?

So Cassidy and Meek Mill beefing.

20130106-071722.jpg About what? Who can scream the loudest? Claim to cut what coke the bestest and give accolades to bad bitches on a Jesus level. Um…ok Damn why can’t Philly rappers be cordial? Will and Jeff are the only ones, huh? Drums please!!!! *cues “Summertime” opening* And if I had to choose sides then Cass would win hands down. It’s one thing to be pulled over by the police and appear on the news claiming you were “profiled”, it’s another to be in an actual car accident, wear the scar like Shaka Zulu himself AND have a guest cameo on “Next Day Air”. IJS

Frank Ocean knocked for weed and speeding.

20130106-065346.jpg Smh. Art imitating life. He really about to be tuned into” Channel Orange” if he doesn’t slow his roll #crackrockcrackrock

And last but not least

20130106-065334.jpgWeezy gets a tattoo of “BAKED” on his forehead. Thanks for encouraging our men to look like unemployed carnies. Good looking Mr. Carter!