DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level [Trick Daddy,Jay-z Rick Ross]

Trick Daddy flicking cigarettes in rappers faces. I swear I almost passed out when I felt the need to google Trick Daddy. OMG. He exchanged words with Lil Wayne at a Miami club over Weezys comments about the Miami Heat. Um….okay. I get the whole pride for your team but come on! Folks lose their lives over this type of foolishness. Once it was observed that the confrontation was getting heated, Weezy was quickly escorted out of the club.Trick acts like he’s part owner of the Miami Heat franchise but he don’t know ‘nan about not having arguments over stupid ish. First it was Busta popping off about a cheeseburger, now this. What’s next? Another rapper acting crazy in a department store because they on some Suit & Tie shit? Ugh.

And in other violence, Beyonce and Jay decide they’re going to assault fans pockets and charge $225 to $625 per ticket for their show. Are the tickets encrusted with diamonds? You get little mini hologram versions of themselves performing on your actual ticket? Come on ya’ll, for some folks that’s mortgage money!

Rick Rozay has been dropped by Reebok for these U.O.E.N.O lyrics after folks got to protesting at the actual store in NYC. According to Reebok, Ross “didn’t conduct himself in accordance” following the uproar. Translation: jumping on Twitter and appearing on a radio show to explain the common sense behind slipping a woman a Molly and then slipping yourself inside her promptly got your ass the boot.
*insert Rozay grunt here* That’s a whole ‘nother level of ratchetry.

And I can’t wait….Chris Tucker is hosting the 2013 BET Awards.