DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Ross,Wayne,Dj Clue,Busta Rhymes]

Rick Ross and Lil Wayne

20130405-085336.jpghave had hit after hit. Well they have BOTH officially been banned from a self described urban radio station in Michigan. *insert Rick Ross grunt here* The station came to their decision after growing weary of the “disrespectful lyrics* from both artists. I’ve BEEN weary of Ross’ grunting and Weezy looking like a carnie, with their misogynistic (yes that’s a big word) lyrics rolling off my back like water. As a grown person, their lyrics don’t result in me twerking or striving to be a video vixen. However, I do get the stations stance and say kudos to them. Now if someone could scrub the ink off Weezys forehead and officially have you require a prescription for cough syrup, and explain to Rick Ross that date rape lyrics will give some shady men some ideas that will result in footage on World Star, the world may have a chance……..

Dj Clue 20130405-092740.jpg

was arrested after being stopped at a checkpoint in Lower Manhattan. Clue was in his Range Range Range Rover Rover Rover *echo Clue voice* when police searched his vehicle and alleged to have discovered two pills wrapped in foil. Further investigation also resulted in the discovery that his license had been suspended eight times 0_o. As far as the pills, they most certainly could have been Advil or Aleve to relieve him of the chronic pain I’m certain he experiences toting that large chin around….

No wonder Busta Rhymes is looking chunky. It’s the cheeseburgers.
20130405-092720.jpgBussa Bus was in South Beach Miami and had what we call a whole hood moment in the establishment Cheeseburger Baby. He entered the eatery close to 6am and demanded to cut the line. (-_-). Really Bus? You think cuz you “rawr rawr like a dungeon dragon” that you’re going to get cuts in front of those who have the munchies as well? Yeah. Aight. The Cheeseburger Baby employees was not having it, ok? Busta musta (hey, that rhymes) felt a tad salty and chose to wait for his food in his car. Once he received his order, this ninja comes back in the restaurant cussing about how his salt, pepper and ketchup were served to him on the SIDE and not on his burger…………….a WHOLE “Scenario”ya’ll. Calling employees derogatory names and such. Not a good look for those that fix your food sweetie. Had he caught the right fry cook that morning “everything would have remained raw” as far as his burger. Busta needs an order of anger management. Super sized.

……aaaaaaaand Nikki Minaj talking about she’s “lyrically better than male rappers”
I’m not quite sure how I feel about that as Lauryn is nursing her children and tax woes and staring at those Wyclef bike Speedo pics like, “I used to mess with HIM??” Kim has so much botox injected in her face she can’t spit (lyrically that is) and it seems like Nikki is the only girl doing it. Why can’t female emcees do a Hip Hop version of “Lady Marmalade” exhibiting various classes as well as sixteen bars? The world may never know.