DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Nikki Minaj,French Montana,Kanye,Hammer]

Lawd I’ve just seen a Nikki- before- she- was- Minaj-video with her all thugged out doo-ragged up, 20130308-151648.jpg

talking like a dude talking about how she and Remy Ma were um…..involved. I’m typing and watching as I speak and my jaw is on the floor. Seriously. I know I’m working too hard if I’m just now bucking up on this. Nikki even goes as far as to call Remy while on camera to prove that she not only “ate the box” but Remy was no longer interested. You hear Remy actually bang on Nikki. This is an old YouTube video, old enough where I see a flip cell phone. It’s also a FAR CRY from the Black Barbie with the alter egos who has apparently flipped her whole style….

French Montana

20130308-153308.jpgshows are apparently killer….literally. Bullets were flying after a show Montana put on in the City of Bloodily Love, Philadelphia, PA. He and his entourage pulled up in front of an Holiday Inn Express (really French? A Holiday Inn though?) Where a slew of fans were waiting to catch a glimpse after having followed him. In the blink of an eye a vehicle pulled up and two men were shot, one fatally. An arrest has since been made which is a good thing but I will say this: French itched my nerves tweeting that “he didn’t have time” for police questioning. Never mind the man was a fan and I’m sure spent some money to assist in getting him his chains. I can’t with these non humble emcees…

Which leads me into rolling my eyes at Kanye for continuing his tirades. Now he’s crying because MTV rated him number seven as one of “Hottest in the Game”. Yeezy is grumbling that MTV doesn’t like the “Givenchy Kanye” or “The Relationship Kanye”. It could be MTV is just over the whole obnoxious persona which be he.


MC Hammer was recently arrested during a traffic stop and claims he was a victim of racial profiling. Hammer aka Stanley Burrell claimed that the officer approached his car and asked was he on parole or probation (Hammer was pulled over in Dublin, California). As he handed the officer his ID, Burrell claims the officer attempted to pull him out of the car. I’m apt to believe that given California’s police departments volatile history when related to minorities. Please, Hammer…..don’t hurt ’em.