DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Nikki Minaj, Shawty Lo, 50Cent & Nas]


Kmart has landed a clothing line from Nikki Minaj. *drops mic and walks away* As if the layaway line wasn’t dramatic enough…..The line is scheduled to be released sometime late 2013. Lawd.

20130117-201957.jpg“Roman” sandals. Literally. LMAO!

Shawty Lo and his now cancelled Oxygen reality show that would have focused on the mothers of his children (10 mommies to be exact)

<ahref=”http://pcradiolive.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/20130117-202005.jpg”>20130117-202005.jpgand how Lo provides for his squad (11 children to be exact) I commend him on making efforts to provide for his children but I swear if he has ANY more kids… How in Jesus’ name does tax time go down??? Christmas? Hell, school shopping??? Lo says that when he was in the street life women flocked to him and it “just happened” Thank goodness the Feds didn’t “happen” to kick his door in the presence of his children. Atlanta may need to pass a mandatory Depo shot for their women with this dude walking around…

50 Cent is informing the public that a possible G-Unit reunion is in the works.

20130117-202820.jpgI just don’t want to see men walking around with newly procured G-Unit sweatshirts purchased at Forman Mills coupled with bulletproof vests….#icant

Nas has been hospitalized for vertigo and assures his fan and wifey (which would be me) that he’s fine.

20130117-202019.jpg “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” that you’re getting up in age when words like “vertigo” are involved. Feel better Nasir!