DWRC (Do We Really Care) Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Lil Wayne,Chris Brown,Nikki Minaj,Roots]

What in the name of Hip-Hop!!!

Lil Wayne had a temper tantrum

20130207-220911.jpg after losing a pre Super Bowl game, going on a tirade about how he had to leave the building because a camera man touched him and if HE touches someone he’s going to jail, yadda yadda.. I need Weezy to just keep getting that bread and wasting it on where he wants his next ridiculous tatted placed at. Stop that Mr. Carter. “No Worries”,

20130207-220931.jpg remember?

Breezy did 202 days of community service.

20130207-220959.jpg So HE says. I can’t!!!!!!!! This dude go from fighting The Ocean to straight fabricating his community hours instead of being the grown man he is and keeping it 100…*clears throat* “Your Honor due to my rigorous schedule I was unable to do the full 180 hours required in (fill in state here) BUT I made sure to do at least 2 to 3 hours in each state my feet touched in, here’s my corroborating paperwork as well as phone numbers and video, proving my efforts.” That’s how you get on the judge good side! A couple big words, show some humbleness and you may get somewhere! Breezy fittin’ to be rocking blond hair for real! In the pen! Rhi Rhi gon be singing “Stay” fo real!

Nikki Minaj looks like she “Bees In The Trap” when it comes to securing any type of Grammy nomination. She appears to be taking it in stride and keeping mum on her speculation why she was “overlooked” for a nomination. Maybe this ~>20130207-220951.jpg

Or *recalls that wack ass Romney remark/flow/reference foolishness that had my Twitter going HAM* Seems like the Grammys are saying they look like “yes” and Nikki looks like “no” *cue Up All Night music*

It’s going to be All Gold Everything with 20130207-221117.jpg

Trinidad James being officially added to The Roots Annual Picnic in June. It’s going to be bikes, barbeque grills and pit bulls everywhere. All I know is someone better concern themselves with popping some air on instead of Molly. It’s gon be so hot she fittna pass out from heat exhaustion. Lawd!