DWRC (Do We Really Care) Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Chris Brown,Frank Ocean,Chief Keef,Future & Game]


“No Church for the Wild” for Frank Ocean and Chris Brown who got into a physical altercation January 27th. Fighting over what, you ask? A parking space. *crickets* Now its conflict over who threw the first punch, with Ocean tweeting he wished he had had his dog with him when ish got real. Mind you, the dog is not a pit bull. New year, new foolishness! Ocean also complained of his finger being cut which would prevent him from playing with both hands during the Grammys…..which are pre-recorded right?….Boy bye with that! LMAO!! *hands him Neosporin*

Chief Keef and his Mama throwing up gang signs on Instagram.

20130201-133251.jpgOh and his cousin too. He done went from posting pics of him getting head on IG to this ratchet form of family bonding. What I need Mom to flash is some notebook paper and a pen and have her son write “I will spell my moniker correctly” 500 times. And no….you can’t use white out neither!!!

The Game got a new tatt. On his ribs. It’s of the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez. Yeeeeeeeah..


20130201-133258.jpgSo Rozay apparently had a Notorius B.I.G. “Hypnotize” video moment having to maneuver his Rolls Royce crazily after shots were fired at him. Thankfully neither Ross or his passenger were hurt but damn a whole “The Untouchables” scene though? Crazy. Ross know like I know he throw on a bulletproof vest, get his affairs in order and get cool with Jesus. Quick.

What I wouldn’t have given to see Future appear on the Maury show when DNA test results revealed HE IS THE FATHER of a 10 year old boy. That was definite Oodles and Noodles worthy, SMH. Future has to pay for the DNA test that was issued (over $800)..sheeeit that’s mortgage money!