DWRC (Do We Really Care) Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Chris Brown,Drake,Ross,Mary J]

Chris Breezy threw on an all white tux I guess to ensure there were no beatdowns occurring since bloodstains will absolutely ruin white! That infared light will pick up on that quick! Rhi Rhi wore a blood red gown so I guess if it did go down her bloody nose would coordinate accordingly. Talk about the Young & The Restless… Just the fact you’re showing up with the dude that cracked you in your forehead lets me know you ain’t got the damn sense that comes in a roll of pennies. I wonder if Breezy will be “Unapologetic” if he backhands her again. SMH.


*falls on knees and prays in Katt Williams voice* Lawd Jesus why would Drake win best rap album? I have pocketbooks older than this man.

20130215-020341.jpg I suppose this is the tradeoff with having a Black President. I have no explanation for it. Just like I had no explanation for 2 Chainz looking like The Count off Sesame Street “One ah-ah-ahhhhh, Two ah-ah”…or the fact that Rozay looked really NICE in his tux!


While the music world was either coming down from high of procured gold statues or in the lab working on eeking out one next year MJB once queen of R&B is having mo money mo problems…….


How in the ham sandwich did Mary J mess up her money? A second bank has filed a lawsuit against the queen of R&B because she’s defaulted on a $500,000 loan. The FIRST bank filed a lawsuit against her and hubby (Kendu “is he even still working” Isaacs) for allegedly defaulting on a 2.2 million dollar loan this past November. Apparently Cash Point or 877 Cash Now was not the route they wanted to take. We all need to bond together and contribute cuz it is plain to see Mary need some help financially-y-y…
We all knew what it was when that half ass BK commercial aired. Mmmhmm. We knew.