DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level


Make up your minds already! As I’m writing this, its been reported that Chris Breezy and Ri Ri are off again. By the time you read this, they very well may be back on again or at the least tweeting cryptic messages and posting ratchet Instagram pics. Rhianna has been quoted that she will always love Chris, but is moving on to focus on her career. Translation: I have someone hotter than you tryna holler at me. OR… she very well could have had that ninja flinch at her like he was going to swing on her….again. All I know is her album “Unapologetic”????…best album she’s done in my opinion. Weird weave aside I’m rooting for Rhi Rhi and Chris to remain civilized, unbruised and sober.

Some Cuban Americans were “outraged” at Hov and Bey taking a trip to Cuba celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.Please.

20130412-053753.jpg (It’s been five years already) Anyway, an investigation was launched to see if anything illegal had occurred concerning the couples presence there. -_- For real? These people are parents. Trust and believe ain’t nobody sneaking any weed or Cubans themselves out of the country.*eye roll* I’m irked that Foreign Affairs Committee woman Illeana Ros- Lehtinen had nothing better to do with her time than to draft a letter to the Treasury Departments Office of Foreign Assets to see if the celebrity couple broke any laws. What laws? Too rich? Swag on high? Girl bye with that. Better yet, adios. How does one translate “B***h Don’t Kill My Vibe” in espanol?
Ray “Isn’t that Brandys Brother” J has a single out titled “I Hit It First” Whyyyyyyyy?

20130412-053921.jpg Must we be reminded of the bootleg ass porn tape filmed with Kim with him pumping like a table monkey whilst looking deep into the camera? Then he proudly proclaims he was hitting the late Whitney Houston. I can’t. Ray says that his new single is “fun” and people are reading too deep into it. Perhaps. It would be much simpler though if he was an artist that was consistently consistent. Someone be kind enough to ease this man onto a hook or remix. Please.