DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncricies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop level [Bow Wow,KimYe,Rhianna]


Talk about doggish! Bow Wow is getting sued by a porn star. I’m inclined to believe that porn star Katsuri is suing for the principle, not the cash (although we talking about 80,000 which IS obtainable through a porn stars income) Katsuri alleges that the hazel eyed Bow Wow used her video image without her permission. Yes fellas, in the porn game coochie is copywritten, ok? What does Bow Wow do? He types a WHOLE Facebook tirade about how he wasn’t responsible for the video image and isn’t giving her a dime (a judge actually ordered him to cut a check) Just for the simple fact Bow Wow actually typed words like “ain’t” and “braud” (I guess its slang for “broad”) and “dem”. I need to sue his ass for having my eyeballs read that monstrosity of the King James language. Get your spell check together before you rant, “Byyyyyyyyyyrrrrrrrrrooooooooonnnnnnn”

Too Short was arrested for DUI and attempted to flee from officers. *looks heavenward and exhales* To make matters even more embarrassing for the 46 year old, police allege he also had hard drugs which were found in the backseat of the cruiser. Now you and I both know anyone who is stopped and frisked has everything taken off of their person including their sock lint. The police can miss me with dat! You can clearly observe from Short’s mugshot and bar stubble, that he’s drunk, not high. Officers need to be more vigilant with cleaning up after their previous detainees. SMH.

And in a serious case of back biting, KimYe is securing an entire hospital floor for the birth of her baby.

20130322-100840.jpgThis girl wants to be Beyonce’s homegirl SO bad, LOL. On the outside looking in, Kim appears to want to secure Bey’s friendship but Bey politely looks her ass off. As in “just because my hubby and your dude made an album together DOES NOT warrant us to tear down Berdorf’s shopping.” It’s like the girl in high school who went out of her way to compliment everything about you including your dingy gym socks. Kim, you may have to “Bow Down” and sit this one out.

Rhianna has taken out a three year restraining order against a 31 year old stalker caught on her premises with poems he’d hoped to give the “Diamond” princess. She’s giving this dude a longer cold shoulder than she did Breezy after he “plucked” her in her forehead. Better yet where was Breezy at when this spoken word artist was attempting to woo his woman? I would have expected Chris to burst out of a bush, tear off his shirt like a whole tattooed Hulk and tear this cats head off. Speaking of restraining orders, join my battle to have one taken out against Rhianna’s new hair style…Cold Mess.