DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncrasies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level


Sooooooooooo Meek Mill puts out a few diss records this week, one for Cassidy entitled Kendrick You Next and a second for, you guessed it Kendrick Lamar called Ooh Kill Em I’m interested to see if CNN will still be following the story.

it’s almost time for Arsenio to attempt to regain his glory days with the new Arsenio Hall Show

20130907-144804.jpgwhich debuts Monday September 9 at 11 pm in my little corner of the world and I will be watching! His first guest will be Chris Tucker followed by Ice Cube on Tuesday. I’m not sure he can recapture that old magic he had in the 90’s but I’m banking on a few laughs watching him try!


20130907-145116.jpgeverybody and their, well everybody is talking about twerking. Over the last year the “mainstream” has become fascinated with the word and the Twerk videos are ever flowing. 33 kids were suspended from a San Diego High School for making a Twerk video on school grounds, A 23 year old teacher in Colorado got suspending for tweeting Twerk pics from @crunkbear to Diplo to show what she was twerking with (she later blamed a friend for posting and the account name, yeah right). Miley Cyrus’ infatuation with twerking lead to videos and that infamous VMA performance and the word being added to the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). The latest twerktastrophy involves a girl setting her self on fire and crashing through a glass table I’m sure it’s just going to get more ridiculous until the Twerk phenomenon fades back into the strip clubs it emerged from, till then if you must Twerk please don’t embarrass or maim yourself

Cydney TheSame