DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncrasies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level


Soooooooooo, twerking has won top honors in most of this past weeks news cycles, thanks to the now infamous “Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke Performance” at the VMA’s, which was actually a Miley Cyrus,Robin Thicke,2 Chains and Kendrick Lamar performance. I guess since 2 Chains and Kendrick did get groped by Miley’s foam finger or twerked on by the scantily clad x-rated Hannah Montana (who by the way looked like a pre-pubescent boy in that get up) they were promptly omitted from what became the biggest story of week (insert twisted lips here). The articles and blogs were fast and furious calling for Miley’s head. It seems people were most offended by the her “handling” of one of her background dancers, she grabbed, jiggled and did a simulated rimming motion ( if you don’t know what that is, goggle it I refuse to explain). Also her sexual abuse of oversized teddy bears didn’t go over well either, a rep from an organization that gives teddy bears to abused children did not like Miley’s portrayal of the cute and cuddlies as doped up twerk buddies ( those things were disturbing). So yes Miley is using so called “ratchet culture” to shed her Disney-ness, and yes she looked a hot mess trying to twerk with no ass but at the end of the day she achieved her goal cuz look we’re all still talking about it and everybody is waiting to see what comes next……..hopefully it’s not another twerk video.

Last week I told you about the shenanigans aboard an unnamed tour bus at the lil Wayne, T.I. Concert in Oklahoma, well the bus has been named as Wayne’s and Mack Maine could heading to court to face sexual battery charges for cartoon punching a chick off said bus. She and a friend were invited on by Mack, the story goes, he grabbed her breast she slapped him and when they tried to leave he blocked the door and punched her friend in the face, smh is all I can say


Cydney TheSame