DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncrasies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level


Just when I was about to commend folks for remaining calm through the Zimmerman verdict here come the nonsense. Not only has Kanye West convinced his baby mama to name their daughter after a damn compass point, this ninja is selling plain white tee shirts. For $120 each. AND they’re sold out. I can’t with this dude. I need Hanes and Fruit of the Looms CEO to jump Yeezy in the darkest parking lot. Who the eff takes it upon themselves to charge over a bean for a damn tee shirt that I’m quite sure does not have a stain repellent collar. Ugh. Yeezy needs to “kill hisself. Now. Today.” *in my Kevin Hart voice*

And in other news of a person who should immediately kill themselves is the trifling ass Florida mother, Brittany Nicole Harris (25 years of age and clearly old enough to know better) who left her 3 and 5 year old toddlers in her car while she went to go twerk at a Lil Wayne concert. Thankfully a responsible employee observed the babies in the vehicle and notified authorities. When questioned this cow tries to say that her cousin originally brought the children there but after some pressing, admitted that she drove her kids there and left them in the parking lot. Slap her. If she could afford to pay for a Weezy ticket and parking, then she could have also paid her phantom cousin to watch those babies. Some women just don’t earn the right to bear children. Smdh.

I said yooooooooo, excuse me sir, wait a minute while I wait for yooooooouuuuuuu……is what I will be singing since Chris Brown’s parole has been officially revoked. Don’t act surprised. We knew it was coming. Brown faces up to 4 years in prison. I’m dying to see whose forehead he gon lump up in the pen. Aren’t you? Hopefully he’ll get that shade of blonde right if he gets sent up.

Quick congrats to Gillie Da Kid who has a flick coming out with Steven Segal as well as a possible role playing Tupac Amaru Shakur. Just run my tickets, son.