DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncrasies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level


Someone besides Ray J came screaming out of Kim K’s nether regions this past week. Kim had her baby daughter five weeks early and according to the Kardashian clan Mom and baby are healthy. Baby K has not been photographed but the according to an internet “leak” the babies name is reportedly North West (let’s hope this is false information, crossing fingers) Daddy West was in the delivery room when his daughter was born and has since come under fire by the American Parkinson’s Disease Association for a lyric featured in his new album “Yeezus” which was leaked. The lyric appears on the song “On Sight” and references the disease as a punchline. The APDA has been around longer than Mr. West’s career (over 50 years) is basically calling the rapper ignorant (I’m inclined to agree over the Taylor Swift interrupted fiasco as well as him just being a general annoyance whether he opens his mouth or not) Parkinson’s affects an estimated 50,000 people and has Michael J Fox, Muhammad Ali and Freddie Roach in it’s grip….

20130621-132151.jpgSo fans are downright thug. J Cole has recently received threats from a fan threatening to murder his little sister if he isn’t retweeted. Sir…..sit down. This goes beyond ratchet and falls into the dumb ass category. The fan actually enclosed a pic of him aiming a gun (which looks very non-propish to me) at his little sister who looks all of ten years old.The police are investigating and the teen in question appears to be cooperating. What’s next? People have already been murdered over Jordans and iPhones. Hair store owners having sawed offs aimed at them with their children bound and gagged if they don’t post their loyal customers pics on Instagram and “@” them? *Exhales* I can’t.

And in this is why you turn rags to riches news, Jay-Z is now a licenced NBA AND MLB agent. All day. By hisself…..Lol. I was the first fan at the Barclay Center last fall when Hov held his concerts and introduced the Brooklyn Nets. I even stomped over to Modells across the street and got my Nets tee shirt. Mmmhmmm. So when I hear that Bey’s boo has made yet another power move, I just gotta shake my head and smile. Yes, I understand that Diddy made a power move with Time Warner Cable but this here just goes to show that with hard work and a business mind, yes you too can deposit your hustle money in an interest bearing account, make an effort to help others eat (whether it actually sticks is another story *looking at Beans and Dame Dash*) and get the hell out the hood! Hov got “99 Problems” but a bill ain’t one!!