DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncrasies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level [Kanye,Nikki,2 Chainz]


What in Yeezus name?

This right here…*in my Kat Williams voice* There are allegations that Kanye has been cheating with 24 year old model Layla Ghabodi. Do I care? Absolutely not. However Ms. Ghabodi gives Star Magazine an exclusive interview which chronicles how she met Kanye in 2012 (at a show of his in Atlantic City). The story goes that Yeezy spotted her dancing in the front row to “Mercy”-which for me I find immediately suspicious unless she was pop locking in slow motion- and has been on her top since. Really? Ok. Now to make the story even juicier, Ghabodi goes on to dish that Kim K. was up in the VIP section at the time Kanye spotted her and dispatched one of his minions to bring her backstage to him. Star Magazine claims to have video to back up Ghabodi’s claim, as Yeezy can be seen talking to a stagehand immediately after the performance. Of course Ghabodi claims that she was aware of the rappers relationship that Yeezy promptly brushed off as them being together “for the publicity” and worked to rebuff his advances and eventually ended up in his hotel room “making out” and before she knew it “they were naked having sex” Ghabodi claims that this is “going to destroy the Khardasian family” and she’s “not that type of person” Girl, bye. You proved your character by bumping those pretty lil gums to Star Magazine of all media outlets. If it ain’t from TMZ then miss me with all that!

Nikki Minaj previewed some of her clothing for Kmart. *moment of silence* From what I saw it was….interesting. I get what her vision is, I just need her to throw some drops in her eyes. The dresses are cut out in the front and some of the prints remind me of that “Casino” era. You know what I mean, a lot of double knits and polyester. I can’t fault that she doing her thing and about to have chicks having whole hood moments in the layaway line so they can emulate Minaj’s style. Her clothes “beez in the trash be beez in the trash* Siiiiiiigh.

I need 2Chainz to make up his mind. We have all by now heard that the emcee was robbed at gunpoint in California. Then it was a member of his entourage that had been robbed. Then it’s alleged that he was picking up weed cookies from a marijuana dispensary while in San Francisco. Now TMZ has surveillance video of the rapper allegedly being approached by an armed assailant. 2Chainz has continuously denied being robbed. He went on to tweet that he hadn’t been robbed or shot, “sorry to disappoint you, maybe next time” I can’t with him, lol. His security guard has gone on to explain that yes, the rapper was robbed, the entourage was confronted by three men brandishing .357 Magnums. 2Chainz “backed up a little bit then took off running. When he ran, we ran.” Ummmm, you think? Someone get the security guard some security.