DWRC (Do We Really Care): Life’s Little Idiosyncrasies (and Idiots) on a Hip Hop Level


Andre 3000’s mother, Sharon Benjamin Hodo, passed away on 5/27/2013 apparently in her sleep. It was also Dre’s birthday as well. Smdh. Our condolences go out to Dre and the extended Benjamin family for their loss. Lady Hodo was the wife of Pastor Robert Hodo and founded Camp Starlight, a camp for underprivileged children. I am confident that Dre has a strong support system within his music family and will heal with time. I am personally pleading with all true Andre 3000 fans to tweet their condolences and well wishes. Also it is imperative ya’ll have your spell check together before sending off tweets. Thank you.

Your parents constantly told you why Math was important in daily life for the following reason: Your homie and mine Chief Keef

20130531-081256.jpgwas arrested for speeding while in possession of a junior license. A junior license requires that only one person at a time be in the vehicle with the driver. Chief had three people in his 2011 BMW and was cited doing 110mph in a 55mph zone. I can only hope that when he turns 18 in August, the light bulb flickers on and he is gifted with some common sense. If not, I got a roll of pennies for him as well as a Speak ‘N Spell.

The Dream has a new album

20130531-081413.jpg…….yeah, that’s what I said. The album is titled “IV Play” and The Dream goes on to explain how its an expression of “the ratchet times society is in” *blank stare with mouth open* There are guest appearances by Beyonce, Jay-Z and 2 Chainz. This is an instance where The Dream needs to stick to songwriting and R. Kelly needs to assemble his legal team. Yeah, yeah I know Robert had an album called “12 Play” and The Dream came up with his title all by hisself but come on…everyone knows WHO the King of Ratchet is before ratchet became a phenomena. Half On A Baby? Yeeeeeeesssssss.

Let’s all wish Lil Scrappy Godspeed as he enters rehab to go head to head with his weed addiction. *bows head and prays* The Love & Hip Hop star failed a urine test and there was speculation that it had been tampered with. Not so, ladies and gents, he was peeing green. Just the fact that he feels like a drug which is borderline legal is a monkey on his back earns him my respect *breaks buds up and sucks teeth at these seeds* We all wish him the best on his journey. Me? I’m taking this stale dutch back to the bodega…