DJ Jazzy Jeff Talks Touring with Jill Scott’s Block Party Tour; Gives Update on Working with Will Smith

AllHipHop touched base with Grammy Award winning hip-hop legend DJ Jazzy Jeff last weekend to talk about his recent appearances on tour with Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition and MC/Host Doug E Fresh. In addition Jazzy Jeff gave fans an update about Will Smith also known as The Fresh Prince and his looming return back to the hip-hop spotlight.

“Its crazy because Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton, Mint Condition, myself and Doug E [Fresh], its kind of like the first time we’ve done it and its kind of like me and Doug E try to make the transitions seamless. Its crazy because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tour that had an arena or amphitheater full of people that got up and and were dancing like it was a party, and that’s every arena, so its been a good time,” Jazzy Jeff told about his role on the tour.

Throughout the tour, in between performances Doug E Fresh and Jazzy Jeff entertain the crowd with a set that features classic Hip-Hop and R&B songs to keep the crowd energized as the artists prepare to perform their set for the crowd.

During the Dallas show at the Gexa Energy Pavillion, veteran Doug E Fresh taught the crowd how to “Dougie” the original way, teaching fans how to “Dougie” when they took a basketball shot, when they shot a hole in one on the golf course, coming up with several other creative ways to do the dance made famous by Dallas rapper Lil’ Will and then the Cali Swag District. “Shout out to Lil’ Will and the Cali Swag District, but I’m going to teach you the original way to dougie,” Doug E Fresh told the crowd.

“We take a little bit of everything from Micheal Jackson to the whole New Jack Swing era, and then jump on to classic hip-hop, and its funny because there is so much stuff that we could do, but its been a lot of fun, its like taking people on a trip through memory lane,” Jazzy Jeff described to “You know its a little bit of an older and grown and sexy crowd, so its almost like we started off playing slow jams mixtape, and then we come back out and go to the classics and get them going and come back out and you see people singing the songs and then we come back and take them through to modern classics, house party and bass party classics.”

In other news, Jazzy told AllHipHop about his work with WIll Smithand explained Will’s recent appearance at pioneering Philly hip-hop DJ Lady B’s 30th Anniversary concert.

With rumors swirling about working with Game’s producer named Mars, and a recent AllHipHop interview where Jazzy explained the potential for a comeback, Will Smith has the internet buzzing about the potential for a return to hip-hop.

“You know I mean the creative juices are going. He was actually supposed to pop up with me at a few tour dates and I know he’s prepping for a new movie, but he showed up at Lady B’s show in Philly, he showed up and got up and rocked and I was really disappointed I couldn’t be there. It was kind of like me and Doug E got a fast food job and only one of us could call out and Doug E called out before I did, and it hurt because it was in my hometown, but will did “Brand New Funk”, “Summertime”, “La Di Da Di” so we chipping away, he wants to do it.”

In the celebration of Lady B’s 30 years in radio Will Smith performed along side Doug E Fresh, Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, Salt-N-Pepa, and Schoolly D to celebrate the female DJ’s achievements.

Lady B was the first DJ to play DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s first single, “Girls Ain’t Nothing but Trouble.” and was thus crucial in helping get the group it’s first record deal.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince also known as Will Smith later went on to win the first rap Grammy Award taking home an award for their song, “Parents Just Dont Understand”.

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