Boost Mobile Presents – Be Heard Sessions With Pusha T + Exclusive Freestyle


In this episode, G.O.O.D. Music Recording Artist Pusha T tells the story about how he got into music because of his older brother/partner Malice. Who was always into Hip-Hop. He tells how his brother was rapping with Timbaland in middle school and how they ran into Pharrell Williams. With him being in the environment of these people writing and recording songs. He decided to join in and he wrote his first rap song titled “Thief Of The Night”. He says this became the start of the hip hop duo “Clipse”.

Pusha also says the biggest part of being an artist for him, is seeing the crowd and the fans react to what he puts out in the market place.

Quote: “When I hear the term “Be Heard”, its just about having a voice. It’s about letting your thoughts and your opinions and your feelings be on display. You really open yourself up to scrutiny and everything else, but you know. You get to give the people what you want them to hear.” – Pusha T

Watch him end the session with an “off the dome” freestyle.