Bernard Hopkins Vs Jean Pascal: SHOCKING RESULTS

The ring entry of Hopkins was very informative lyrics with another version of “My Way” and Pascal entered at a slow pace with pumping tunes for “Dynasty 2.” Michael Buffer did a good job in speaking in French as well. Both fighters during this time were not making any eye contact or even acknowledgement of each others presence. This bout started off with cheers from 17,000 people in Montreal real sell out, fans have been waiting 5 months.

Round 1 of Dynasty2 started with the first punches been thrown by Pascal and Hopkins showed some tight defense his footwork was not spaced in the first part of this round.

Round2 of Dynasty2 the brawl finally started and there were good defenses from both Pascal gave some body shots to Hopkins, however by them Hopkins was not yet started.

Round 3 of Dynasty2 Pascal got Hopkins in the corner with hits and had response form Hopkins this had to be broken up by the British referee Ian John-Lewis, however Pascal completed this round with a quick floury.

Round 4 of Dynasty2 Hopkins started to make movement and both fighters sent good punches in each others direction and Pascal gave some real intensity to Hopkins and he was quite hurt in this round.

Round 5 of Dynasty2 Hopkins was smoothing over slow moves and punches and Pascal came in like dynamite very explosive and sudden and also gave Hopkins an attack on the ropes.

Round 6 of Dynasty2 Hopkins ran into this round with double lefts from and hard right, the gameplan really changed and he executed it well here and fought at a distance.

Round 7 of Dynasty2 Pascal was low and Hopkins threw punches and again a sudden outburst from Pascal and Hopkins came through with a bodyshot, this round was empty from Pascal.

Round 8 of Dynasty2 There was a magnificent right hand by Hopkins in this round especially in the last minute of this round and Pascal was more vulnerable here and was open to more hits from Hopkins.

Round 9 of Dynasty2 Another good round by Hopkins he went in again like he does usually in the later rounds and Pascal was looking tiresome and received another right from Hopkins.

Round 10 of Dynasty2 Pascal landed a right and this was a possible knockdown, however was not classed as one, Hopkins got Pascal on the ropes and Hopkins finished that round smoothly

Round 11 of Dynasty2 Pascal paused and he did get Hopkins in the corner and was exhausted in this round he had speed and agility and he lost his balance however Hopkins landed a double punch.

Round12 of Dynasty2 Hopkins punched and leant his bodyweight on Pascal however Pascal followed him with more aggravation and hard hits and made a comeback in this last round and Hopkins was hurt, and really went for the kill and in the last 30 seconds Hopkins executed his game plan and ended the fight.

The winner was Hopkins by unanimous decision and the scorecards were 116-112, 115-113, and 115-114.
Hopkins the winner of the Light Heavyweight Championship talked to HBO and said hes a “Old G” of Golden Boy and he feels like hes 36. He said he wanted to box as well as he could and get to the last bit of orange juice and before he leaves this games he wants people to see the best parts, wants everyone to see them before he retires. He also said that he had to be careful and left the best till the last and compared himself to Tina Turner and he wants to go off on a good note and he said he was hurt and he could take a good shot and he believes that the name of the game is to hit and not to get hit, he said that Pascal needs to work on a couple of things and he said hes a great champion and that he that he gotta set up a grand finale, but he did say with regard to the possible knockdowns but said it was a slip, and that he wont retire until he close to 50 years old !!

Jean said he would like to see Part 3 and he said Hopkins had a good defense and a lot of it and it was close fight and wants a rematch and about his skill level he said hes going to come back stronger and those two fights that he had with Hopkins is going to take him to another level as he gained a lot of experience with fighting Hopkins.

They both clearly took their frustrations out in the ring in Montreal tonight and with so much build up and drama Hopkins proved tonight that he is the oldest champion, it was a most interesting and exciting fight full of entertainment, congratulations to Bernard Hopkins and well done to Jean Pascal who is also a true champ with a lot of heart and spirit.

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