Bernard Hopkins Talks Dawson Rematch -His Legacy And Why He’s Still Fighting

“Sometimes the best thing to say is nothing, especially from a guy that people know as so vocal, but even being so vocal, I’m just as powerful as I realize when I don’t say anything, so I’m still winning even if I don’t speak. And what I mean by winning, they gonna question why I haven’t said anything. That means I’m in control…I shut him down by not saying nothing…I’m going in there, no matter what he says, to do what Bernard do, and that is to execute the best plan in camp and at fight night..the art of the game is to take a guy’s best weapon and systematically use it against him. You know what you want to do, you know what you’re capable of doing, but I damn sure ain’t let you do it…we have two rules that I set: I hit you, you don’t hit me,” stated WBC light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins, who talked about his upcoming rematch with Chad Dawson. Check out what else he had to say!