Bernard Hopkins rallies for draw vs Jean Pascal for light heavyweight title

Bernard Hopkins was knocked down in the first and third rounds of Saturday night’s fight against Jean Pascal, but was able to rally for a majority draw, still denying Hopkins of becoming the oldest boxer to hold a major world title.

Hopkins actually was named the winner on one judge’s scorecard, but the other two judges had it a complete tie, which resulted in a majority draw for the 45-year-old Hopkins and his Canadian opponent, Jean Pascal, who holds onto the WBC and IBO light heavyweight titles. The fight was in Quebec City, Canada, but the American was almost able to take down the Canadian champion.

American judge Steve Morrow had Bernard Hopkins winning 114-112 but the other two scorecards had it a draw at 114-114 and 113-113. Too bad for Hopkins as he misses out on a chance to become the oldest boxer to hold a title. Hopkins is about a month older than George Foreman, who claimed the heavyweight title in 1994 at 45 years, 10 months old.

Bernard Hopkins went down in the first and third rounds, but had Jean Pascal in control in the later rounds. It’s pretty impressive for a 45-year-old boxer to beat any professional, let alone a world title holder. Hopkins’ career record goes to 51-5-2 while Pascal records his first draw to put his record at 26-1-1.

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