Asher Roth Writes For ESPN, Compares Self To NFL’s Alex Smith

Roth explains the parallels between his career and that of Alex Smith, a quarterback who has struggled in the NFL but who is now finding some success.

Life-long San Francisco 49ers fan Asher Roth recently penned an article for ESPN titled My Life as Alex Smith. The emcee wrote the article to explain the parallels between his musical career and the career of Alex Smith, a quarterback who has been applauded and ridiculed since his introduction to the NFL as the number one overall draft pick in 2005. In the article, Roth discusses the significance of the ups and downs that both of them have faced through the years in the spotlight.

Smith was once a highly touted rookie, one who earned a starting spot on the 49ers. At around the same time, Roth was earning a record contract and some musical success.

“Ask any of my college buddies,” Roth explained in his article. “I have a soft spot for Mr. Smith. Drafted No. 1 overall in ’05 out of Utah, he came into the league around the same time I was pursuing a rap career. I was a sophomore in college and was being ‘scouted’ by ‘talent agents’ while Smith was taking the starting job from Rattay. Smith had a productive year under Norv Turner, and I signed a record deal with a hit single. Here we go. Ups and downs, lefts and rights…”

Roth continued, explaining how the two have also had similar setbacks in their careers.

“Seven offensive coordinators in seven years and never a head coach that really spoke the language. It was a direct correlation to what was happening in my professional career. Sure we had the talent, sure we had the wits, but for some odd reason it was not translating. The losing seasons weren’t all our fault but it sure felt like it. Lines were crossed. Something was off,” he added.

Though times were tough, both continued to strive for success. Roth has new projects being released soon and Smith’s 49ers are off to 5-1 start under new coach Jim Harbaugh.

“The 49ers take a 5-1 record into the bye week and Alex Smith’s QB rating of 95.2 is good for eighth best in the NFL. My latest mixtape ‘Pabst & Jazz’ will be out just in time for the must-see Harbaugh Bowl on Thanksgiving Night. My newest album ‘Is This Too Orange?’ will be hitting shelves around the same time the San Francisco 49ers finish their first playoff run in almost a decade…Here’s to a winning season, Mr. Smith.”

Source HipHopdx