Asher Roth Says He Used to Babysit Justin Bieber [Video]

Asher Roth and Justin Bieber have both been managed by Scooter Braun for the last few years, and that resulted in the two forming a relationship—which once included the elder Roth looking after young Bieber.

“Bieber is my guy,” Asher told XXL. “We legitimately used to babysit him. Not, like, on some young kid stuff, but we would look out for him and look after him.”

It made sense, since the two lived right near each other and were connected through Braun. “When I was in Atlanta—I had moved to Atlanta—Bieber moves down the street from me, and he was 12, 13 at the time,” continued Roth, who recently dropped the song “Last Man Standing” featuring Akon. “He used to just come over and hang out. We used to play Rock Band and chill. I have Bieber rapping on the ‘CANNON!!! [from the 2008 mixtape The Greenhouse Effect].”

The rhymer said that he and The Biebz grew close, and Roth is happy to see Biebers recent success. “Its really fun to see him kind of grow up,” he continued. “I dont have a brother—Im the baby boy, I have two older sisters—so it was cool to see a young kid come in, and teach him a few things, teach him how to have fun. And hes killing it, man. You cant not be happy for an uber successful, fun-loving, good kid. Hes a really, really awesome dude.”

“Hes a hip-hop head,” he joked. ”I think hes actually rapping. I might have to ghostwrite for him.” —Adam Fleischer

Source XXL