You can never judge a man solely on the words or opinions of another. So whatever you have heard over the years about Ace McClowd, A & R To The Streetz, Spokesman On Board, let his work, both past and present, tell the true story. In this music industry Ace McClowd is something like a glacier moving through the frozen waters of rap. Powerful, but relatively silent. If you hear a loud noise from him, chances are some damage is about to be done. Unstoppable, even when it appears that he is not even moving. You might not see all that he is doing, but you cant stop what he is doing. A stable, massive force in the music industry – both local and national. You see him, you respect him and if you have any common sense in you, youll try to avoid colliding with him. It might appear that he is in the cold water by himself, but in fact he is surrounded by family, just as strong, just as massive and just as dangerous in this music industry.

Co-founder of the Aphilliates DJ syndicate and CEO of Wil StyLion Entertainment, (Wil Stylion pronounced -wild stallion and referred to as WSE), is a Philadelphia based multi-media enterprise that specializes in artist management, music/record production, graphic design, marketing and promotions. Founded in 2002 by Ace McClowd, DJ Drama, DJ Don Cannon, DJ Sense, DJ Amanda Diva, DJ Jaycee, DJ Jamad and DJ Ox Banga, the Apphilliates for the most part are doing their part in upholding what they put out as their mission statement. “To consistently be affiliated with quality movements and move our culture forward.” Powerful statement for a group that separately do a major collective work for the good of hip hop music. In a recent interview with DJ Circuitbreaker on PC, McClowd touched on the unfounded rumors of the Apphiliates demise and the importance of battle rap amongst other topics.

“(DJ) Drama compared (Apphiliates) to the Dipset,” McClowd says. He agrees with him to a degree because he knows that everything is cool between him and his “family”. He doesnt have to be seen in front of the masses with any of his business partners so that it can be confirmed that they indeed have a positive, productive working relationship. No grown man should want to always be up under another grown man no matter how close they are, it just shouldnt feel right. But what does feel right is the fact that Ace knows what the Apphiliates have in the works and is excited for not just now but for the future.

With numerous projects already in circulation, including over 10 volumes of the WSE Street Mix-Tape Series .The company has broken several songs into radio via Philadelphias number one rated radio station WUSL Power 99 FM, Sirius Shade 45, & Atlantas Hot 107.9. WSE is well on its way to becoming a household name through joint ventures nationally with the World Renowned Aphilliates DJ syndicate. This multi-faceted company services the PA/NJ/DE tri-state area and stretches as far south as Atlanta.

If its music that the streets want to hear, chances are Ace McClowd is already on it and might be the person behind the scenes making sure that the listening public gets to hear it. With his belief that Battle Rap is “a gateway drug for something else to happen – good, bad, or indifferent” he vociferously promotes the endeavors and careers of artists trying to gain a foot hold in the music game. The Gunline Battle Show (which airs on on Thursday nights @ 10 pm – 1 am) is what Ace calls “the new underground”. It gives major exposure for new artists and provides a platform for the “battle rapper” to sometimes show that “they are not just battle rappers, they make good music.”

Because E Ness is like family to Ace, he was a part of the recent battle between Phillys own Ness and New Yorks Iron Solomon which sponsored by Grind Time Now, was held in Miami. While the rematch between the two battle icons was the main attraction, there were 20 battles over the course of the event. Ace, Ness and close friend Fro Geez (not sure of the spelling) started Gunline as a mixtape series. As sort of a brand for the mixtape. Now according to Ace, the business relationship between himself and Ness “is deeper than rap. It became bigger, deeper than rap. Were a family,” McClowd continued on to say.

Focused strictly on work and positive progression Ace McClowd has created his own positive lane with the creation of where better music is displayed from all over the country, but does not in any way neglect to take care of home. “A & R To The Streetz” aires on Fridays @ 10p.m.-2 a.m., showcasing hot tracks both relevant to the movement and new artists trying to showcase their skills. Ace McClowd addressed some of the exaggerated rumors concerning himself and radio personality Cosmic Kev, stating that he respects the man as one of the pioneers of this quality music movement. “I have nothing negative to say about (Cosmic Kev), and I would hope that he would have nothing negative to say about me,” McClowd says, “its like a friendly competition, I stay in my lane and everybody else stays in their lane.” With the lane that Ace McClowd has chosen to drive in we can look forward to better music in the very near future. If you are nice on the mike trust and believe that the A & R To Da Streets is gonna find you.

Props to TheFlowLive