Exclusive: Dice Raw Injured In Car Accident

Dice Raw, member and producer of Philadelphia Hip-Hop band The Roots and the Money Making Jam Boyz, is recovering from injuries he sustained in a serious car crash last Wednesday (January 5th).

According to Dice, a young woman ran a red light while making a turn in North Philadelphia and smashed head-on into the rapper’s new Jaguar XK convertible luxury vehicle.

“It happened so fast – I was turning and this silly b***h decided she couldnt wait two seconds and swerved around someone that was stopped and blew through the red light,” Dice Raw told AllHipHop.com. “My car got totaled, my face got all cut up, my ankle and knee are fucked and I still cant walk.”

According to Dice, the worst part about the accident was that it prevented him from joining a high profile interview in New York on Shade 45 with Statik Selektah.

“I did get to call in to do the interview, but Thought, Truck, and STS went in on a crazy long freestyle and I couldnt like jump in over the phone,” Dice said. “It was like being a kid and watching your friends playin right outside your window and you stuck in the house. But they really went in and killed that s**t and its always good to see your people doing their thing.”

Dice, born Karl Jenkins, was rushed to a local hospital where he was treated for minor injuries and released.

The Grammy-Award winning rapper, who scored two more nods with The Roots this year for their album How I Got Over, is currently at home recuperating, where he expects to make a full recovery.

The accident has also been an eye-opener for Dice, who says he’s now a little bit more sympathetic to the plight of physically challenged individuals.

“It made me realize I got good people around me though – my parents dropped everything and came through and I want to shout out my man D and my partner Tom who came and chilled with me in the hospital while they stitched my s**t up,” Dice told AllhipHop.com. “D and my friend Montez (studio manager at Larry Golds) got me home from the hospital and into my crib. Since Im laid up now for almost a week, Ive been thinking about all the handicap people who are less fortunate then everybody that walks around and does whatever they want whenever they want. Im definitely going to be figuring out how to get more involved and give my time to handicap organizations to raise awareness.”

Here are some pics of the car crash.

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