50 Cent & Timbaland Announces SMS Audio Partnership


Just when I think I’m prepared for any type of news regarding music, Timberland announces he’s rolling with 50’s SMS Audio as not just a member but an INVESTMENT partner……Wow.

I haven’t tested the product as of yet, Dr. Dre Beats, yes. RZA’s WeSC headphones, yup. I gotta check out what Curtis is working with, (Ludacris too, now that I’m thinking about it) Dre seems to be the more popular brand with folks rocking the $300 headphones while riding the bus/train (insert irony here)

20130106-063537.jpgTimberland has expressed enthusiasm and respect for 50’s product. *crickets* Yeah whatever Timbo, we just need them special edition Aaliyah headphones for the ladies when you get a second. Thanks.